Will my data be secure and private?

Filbert Nicholas Updated by Filbert Nicholas

We understand that the security and privacy of your location data is of the utmost performance. Locate2u has been designed with security in mind from the ground up, ensuring that only people you authorise have access to this data, and that when sharing your current location via our tracking page, those people can only see your location for the time that you authorise or as long as it’s suitable for them to see it (e.g. when providing a stop link showing your current location, once that stop is marked as complete or cancelled then they will no longer be able to see your location).

You also have control over when location data is collected by Locate2u. By default, our apps only collect your location data while you have active stops or links.

You can also see who actively has access to your current location from the links list in our mobile apps.

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