15 Aug - 31 Aug 2021

Filbert Nicholas Updated by Filbert Nicholas

  • Added new run functionality to schedule multiple drivers runs within the same trip
  • Added new run functionality to create recurring stops for drivers
  • Added additional merge fields to SMS templates : Address, ETA, ETA Window and Order Number
  • Added a config in the Teams Table to determine the Time window of the ETA that is shown on the tracking link and in SMS

  • Allow trip list and map view for login with customer role
  • When sending bulk SMS, cancelled stops and stops with invalid phone numbers are not selected by default anymore

  • Issue with error when changing trip status is fixed
  • Issue with decimal appearing in the stop orders is fixed
  • Issue with exporting stops/shipment not showing the time for ETA, Enroute, Arrive, and Completed status
  • Issue with stop details showing ETA instead of actual arrive time is fixed

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