Team Member's Custom Capacity Settings

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We can enable capacity settings if we need to restrict how many stops to be assigned for our team member.

This will allow us to specify the capacity of our team member and also each of our stops load.

Enable capacity settings

To enable this setting, we can go to Team > Settings > Capacity Settings as shown below.

After that, you can choose whether your load capacity is in Quantity, Volume, Weight, etc. Multiple load capacities will also work.

Default stop/shipment load means the default value in the weight field when you create a stop/shipment.

Default max vehicle capacity means the default value your team member's vehicle able to carry. This can be change manually on the team member's profile page.

For example, we will go with Weight, which default is set to 10 Kg and the max vehicle capacity will be 50 Kg.

Click save, and the setting will be applied.

  • Set capacity for our team members

In order to manually change the default max vehicle capacity, go to desired team member's profile.

Set the desired max weight and click update profile.

In this example, we are changing John Doe's max vehicle weight to 75 Kg and we will see how it reflects on Optimise Stop.

  • Demo on Optimise Stop

In this scenario, we will test the capacity settings, we have more than 10 stops to be optimised, each with capacity of 10 Kg.

We will also spread the work evenly for John Doe (max 75 Kg) and Mark Dean (max 50 Kg).

Once we click next to optimise, the routing shows us that John Doe can only deliver to 7 stops while Mark Dean to 5 stops due to the capacity limitation.

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