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Manage Stops

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1. Add New Stops

You can manually add your stops by clicking plus (+) sign on the top right side of the portal.

A pop up screen will appear, you can fill in information regarding the stop.

Fill in as many informations if possible and click CREATE button once done.

A new stop will be created and your assigned driver will get the stop information on his Locate2u mobile app.

Video demo :

2. Edit Existing Stops

We are able to edit the created stop by clicking orange icon beside the stop.

Click update button once done.

Video demo :

3. Delete Existing Stops

We can delete stop that are no longer needed or accidentally created.

We can either delete one stop at a time or mass delete the stops.

3.1. Delete One Stop

Click the red icon beside the stop we want to be deleted.

3.2. Delete Multiple Stops

Select the stops then click red icon on the pop up screen.

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