What type of GPS devices do you offer?

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We currently offer 3 GPS device variants.

  1. OBD-II Port Device

This can be plugged into the vehicle using the OBD port. We include a 4G SIM cart with this which then provides GPS tracking.

  1. Rugged GPS Hardwired Device

We send out an auto-electrician to hardwire this into your vehicle. This does the same thing. You might want this as if your car gets stolen it is not easy to pull it out making it more secure. We include a 4G SIM card with this too.

  1. Battery Powered Device

This is more for tracking of trailers and/or equipment. This will send back a location of where the device is once a day. It can be activated to transmit the location much faster if the device or the trailer has been stolen. We include a 4G SIM card with this too. More information here

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