Import Customers

We can import customers in bulk by uploading them. To do so, we can download the template by clicking 'Download Template' button A template will be downloaded and we can fill in our customers informa…

Filbert Nicholas
Updated 9 months ago by Filbert Nicholas

Give Access to Customer Login

In order to give login access in Locate2u to customer, we can tick create a user login option when creating a customer as shown below. Once the customer is created, they will receive an email to noti…

Filbert Nicholas
Updated 10 months ago by Filbert Nicholas

Save Customer Information

We can save our customers information to be used for our stop or shipment on the customer tab. and click plus (+) sign on right hand side of the screen. A form will pop up and we can fill in customer…

Filbert Nicholas
Updated 1 year ago by Filbert Nicholas